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Top Trends in Men’s Golf Shoes

Playing a good game of golf certainly takes a lot of practice and skill, but not having the right gear can negatively impact your game. One of the most important things that you will need are the right golfing shoes. There are some golf shoes that stand out above all the rest.


FootJoy DryJoys

These come in a variety of colors are are made from Extreme Comfort Leather. FootJoy DryJoys Tour are guaranteed to be waterproof for two years of regular use and come with a two-year waterproof warranty just in case something goes wrong. The shoe is breathable making it a good choice for all weather conditions, and it is completely slip resistant. This will help you in maintaining control over your swing. The heel is slightly narrow, the toe character is rounded and the instep and forefoot have a standard fit. This will help to ensure maximum comfort and stability as you make your way across the green.

Adidas Adicross

If you are looking for a golf shoe that is incredibly light weight, then this may be the choice for you. These shoes are highly flexible and weigh in at just 14.3 ounces. They are slip resistant and are spikeless which makes them interesting. These shoes were created to ensure that your feet will flex naturally as you swing. They are also resistant to scuffing.

True Linkswear True Tour

These are spikeless golf shoes weighing 12.3 ounce. These have maximum flexibility and slip resistance is high. This shoe was designed in a way to keep your entire foot 10 millimeters above the ground. This sole height is only half of the standard in the industry making these shoes rather unique. They have a wide toe box so that as you swing, your toes will spread allowing for ultimate control and natural movement. The shoe’s ground contact is maximized with the large amount of flexibility, and this offers enhanced stability.

Allen Edmonds Honors Collection

These shoes have a very sophisticated look resembling a men’s dress shoe. They offer moderate flexibility and have maximum slip resistance. The soles are resistant to water and there are 11 cleats on the sole. These classic shoes also have a midfoot rubber traction pad.

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