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Tree Top Adventure Subic

As our alarms go off in the morning for the sixth time, we are already fearing the monotonous day that lies ahead of us. We ask ourselves why not wake up in the morning eager and desiring to work? This feeling is like being trapped inside a cubicle. Then I realized, maybe we should get out of this cubicle and explore. Run towards different activities we thought we wouldn’t nor can’t do. This growing realization made me decide to join Tree Top Adventure Subic’s Bloggers Getaway last February 24-25.
Tree Top Adventure invited bloggers to experience the thrill by participating in their theme park’s extreme activities and to build team cooperation with their team building activities. This event was headed by TAG Media Public Relations, Engr. Grace Bondad Nicholas and sponsored by Tree Top Adventure, TAG Media, Azzurro Hotel, Pampanga and Sunrise Suprise Restaurant.

Tree Top Adventure

Tree Top Adventure is the only “Team Building” facility in the Philippines with motorized activities plus different kinds of Zipline adventure and more activities in the heart of nature; Superman Ride, Canopy Ride, Tree Drop, Silver Surfer, Free Fall, Funicular, Trekking, Skywalk and much more to be added. A theme park that would really want you to get out of the box.

Tree Top Adventure Subic

The Subic branch is located at JEST Camp Area, Upper Mau Cubi, Aparri Road, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, 2222. Traveling in a private vehicle from Manila to Subic will take you about a minimum of two hours or so.

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How to Go There

By Car:

From Manila to Subic

Take the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) Dau Exit, to get to the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX). Exit at TIPO Road and pass through the Subic toll exit. Turn right at the intersection and then left to Argonaut Highway. Proceed to Aparri Road and follow the signs to Tree Top Adventure.

Alternate Route In Case of Road Closures

From Argonaut Highway in Subic, proceed to Tarlac Road en route to Subic Bay International Airport. From the first intersection, turn right to Zambales Road until you see a left sign. Follow the route until you reach Tree Top Adventure.

By Bus:

From Manila to Subic

Northbound Victory Liner Bus Lines can take you to Olongapo City via Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX). Upon arrival at the Victory Liner Terminal in Olongapo City, take the yellow jeep bound for SM City. Look for the Central Terminal where shuttle vans can take you to Cubi en route to Tree Top Adventure.

Taxis are also available at the Central Terminal which can take you to Tree Top Adventure.

Signature Rides & Attractions

Tree Top Adventure Subic offers a variety of zipline adventure. We tried Superman Ride, Canopy Ride, and Silver Surfer Zipline, which happened to be my favorite. Here’s the list of rides and attractions that you can expect at their Subic Branch.

Canopy Ride

Travel through trees 100 feet above the ground using a network of five motorized cable rides, and see nature from an entirely new perspective.

Superman Ride

Take off from a tower to a zip line adventure that can launch you into a superhero flight, face first (alone or with another rider) from an elevation 70 feet high.

Silver Surfer

Surf into the wind with a fellow rider, and glide from one treetop to another, while seeing an unmatched view of the forest wilderness. 

Interactive Freefall

It goes up and down in several cycles like a yo-yo from 6ft up to 100 ft high above the ground.

Tree Drop Adventure

Are you brave enough to experience the ultimate rappelling adventure down the side of a 60-foot tree? This is definitely the biggest Treetop free-fall thrill!

Trekking Adventure

The Treetop Adventure experience aims to promote a greater appreciation of nature in its rugged beauty, and native ecosystems. Learn how to make a bonfire or drink from water vines while taking a tour of Subic’s remarkably diverse environment at the Treetop trekking trail. 

We were to try Tree Drop however due to hungry tummies and tired bodies, we opted not to. I was shaking the whole time thinking if I could survive this activity because the activity is to let you fall from a 60-foot tree. I was scared my bones would crack or something bad might happen to me which was too much paranoia because we all know that Tree Top Adventure already performed security measures with all their attractions and rides. This was just me being crazy. LOL


Team Building Activities

Tree Top Adventure Subic has 12 unique team games that everyone will enjoy. These games can accommodate family members, employees, and friends. Games are listed below: 

Dragon Boat

Synchronize your paddle strokes to the finish line to test your teamwork, and leadership skills while sitting on a mechanized dragon boat

Gem Drop

Hone your coordination skills to accomplish a perfect cube drop using push and pull strategies in the fastest time possible

Team Lanyard

Team members join hands to cross ropes. This requires balance and coordination to ensure a safe and quick traverse.

Bar Lifter Balancer

A bar lifting challenge that also requires marbles be balanced in bars; a fun game that tests your team’s patience and coordination skills.

Loop Lift

Using only your index fingers, each team member tries to lower a loop until a certain height, practicing team patience and coordination.

Dance Revo

Get in sync in a dancing challenge which makes use of lights, electronic buttons, and pre-programmed dance moves.

Team See Saw

Strike a balance in the fastest time using a kamikaze-inspired see-saw to test your patience and communication skills

Multi-line Traverse

Cross a rope bridge with your team in the shortest time possible, a strategy game that will test your balance and trust in your teammates.

Team Wall

Climb over a 15-foot wall without any equipment except your team’s strategy and problem-solving skills.

Spike Valley

Move across platforms using only a metal rod and cross the finish line in the shortest time possible, without landing on the spikes!

Team Cycling

Bike your way through a computer-generated trail consisting of climbs and drops. Put your leadership skills to the test as your team races for time or against other teams.

Centipede Pedal

Using wooden planks as feet, race your team through a course in the fastest time. Exercise team coordination or everyone falls to the ground! 

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