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Photo Diary: Baguio

Friday, June 23

5 AM

We arrived Friday morning in the cold air of Baguio and went to our hotel to see if we can check-in earlier than schedule. Negative. Meaning we have to wait until 2 PM considering we arrived as early as 5 AM. We decided to leave our luggage in the hotel and started roaming around in the City of Pines.

8 AM: Laperal White House and Teachers Camp

It was my first time to visit some of the haunted places in Baguio. I used to pass through these two places but haven’t got the chance to see them up close. As early before lunch, my friends and I decided to visit Laperal White House and Teachers Camp. These places gave me chills, tbh.

11 AM: Cafe By The Ruins Dua

Before heading back to the hotel, we decided to have our lunch at Cafe by The Ruins. At first, I thought we’re heading to the original branch but we went to Dua in Upper Session Road instead. Well, I didn’t know they have two branches in Baguio; and the original branch was now closed due to the fire incident last April. Some said there had been a location permit issue that’s why they decided to close the original branch. Too bad because the original branch was nicer than the second one. Nevertheless, we enjoyed our lunch with these veggie rolls, pasta and bread & fries meals.

1 AM: Patch Cafe

After a long walk and lunch, we went back to the hotel and waited for roughly an hour. The hotel was fully booked that’s why we have to opt to check in at 2 PM. We stayed at Patch Cafe which is located in the lobby of the hotel. Good thing they have fast WiFi, and a matcha drink.

6 AM: Chocolate de Batirol

After resting for few hours, a good talk while munching on Bibingka, Suman sa Lihia and Traditional Blend was well-deserved for three millennial bakasyonistas. The weather was fine for a hot chocolate drink and the restaurant is so small and cozy. Good thing there weren’t a lot of people when we went here.

8PM: Bohemian food & cafe

Remember the cafe where Anthony and Mace had a talk about regrets, pain, the things they wish they did differently, and the things they’ve had no choice but to accept? #ThatThingCalledTadhana Yeah, we wen’t there, and had a small drink. The acoustic also played Tadhana by Up Dharma Down which made the night feel even more like the movie.

10 PM: Baguio Night Market & Session Road

If my memory serves me well, the night market starts at 9 PM. We were able to buy jackets for very cheap prices though mine needs some minor repair. We also brave walking along the very famous Session Road and took some photos.

Saturday, June 24

7 AM: Bloomfield Hotel & Patch Cafe
9 AM: Baguio Cathedral
10 AM: Mines View Park, good shepherd convent baguio botanical garden, wright park

We woke up early and had our Bloomfield Hotel free breakfast at Patch Cafe. Saturday was a busy day for the three of us because we wanted to visit and smashed a lot of places for the whole day. We went to the cathedral first then headed to Mines View Park; Good Shepherd Convent, to buy pasalubong; Botanical Garden and Wright Park for some photoshoot. Lol.

11 AM: Canto Bogchi Joint

I’ve been wanting to visit this restaurant after seeing a lot of beautiful Instagram posts about the place. Look how gorgeous its white painted walls and fence. Canto Bogchi Joint has good and affordable food as well. It’s a place for families, friends and lovers. My friends and I had lunch here and had a good serious talk about our life experiences. 👍 We went to Starbucks Cottage 661 Camp after this, unfortunately I wasn’t able to take decent photos. We continued our talk here, btw. I love this Starbucks branch so much. It isn’t big but it is a must visit, I tell you guys. 💕

7 PM: Wood Nymph Korean Restaurant

9 PM: Just Another Damn Good Sick Joint

10 PM: The Ampersand

Before partying, we went to a Korean restaurant to fill up our energy and stomach. We needed this because we’re sure the night was gonna be lit af. And it was. 👌

Sunday, June 25

7 AM: Patch Cafe

9 AM: Baguio Public Market

It was our last day in Baguio and we reserved the day to buy pasalubong. We went to the public market because pasalubongs are cheaper here. We had our complimentary breakfast first at Patch Cafe, and headed to the market afterwards.

12 NN: Patch Cafe

Still at Patch Cafe. LOL. We had our lunch and tried some other drinks they offer. We just killed time here until 2 PM. And went home.👋



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