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When Online Friends Finally Meet IRL

We met in a hotel along Shaw Boulevard, and went to have dinner, and enjoyed the night drinking in a bar. The identities that these two men presented on Facebook are the same as what they offered IRL. I had fun spending the night and the morning next day with Koi and Kenny.

So let me share some part of my weekend on meeting Kenny and Koi, and our friendship.

We guys are friends on Facebook and have been chatting for two years already. We exchange stories about our lives, give advises on whatever is having with our existence, and share jokes. Then we realized that we should set our friendship to the next level. With that, we decided to have a hotel stay and drink the night off. Thanks to HotelQuickly for the discount on our one-night twin room hotel stay.

I checked in around 14:00 and waited for them to arrive. Red Planet twin room will fit for two persons but could accommodate 4 persons I believe as long as you guys will be comfortable. It’s the usual standard hotel that is available out there. Nothing very special about it, but they sure have good Wi-Fi service.

And btw, we were able to get the room for 718 PHP only from its original rate of 1635.03 PHP. I used HotelQuickly’s credits to get a discount. To enjoy this privilege, I can send you 600 PHP credits by installing the app, and use this voucher code:

HotelQuickly is available for both Android and iOS. I’m planning to use HQ again on my future trips, prolyl Baguio! 🙂

Then we spend the night at some bar in Cubao. I’m not much a heavy drinker. I was able to have two and a half (I guessed) bottles of Red Horse. This tall guy can’t take it. Sorry. Despite the noise produced by the bar’s sound system and people talking, we were able to chit chat and share stories about ourselves, and have our real life get to know each other. Kenny is a blogger like me, and I was stalking the guy since college. Koi was a schoolmate. I was a senior when I noticed him in school. He was a junior.

Some people might think it senseless to put so much trust in someone they’ve only met on the Internet, but I think it’s possible to establish friendship and connections through words and pixels, and often become stronger than those ties made after real-life handshakes. Yes, someone could make-believe on the Internet, and there is an ample number of reasons to be mistrustful about meeting people you only know online. It’s a dice roll each time you meet someone, wondering if your expectations were accurate. And I thank God for letting me meet real, true and transparent wonderful beautiful people online. TBH, they’re like the closest and real friends I have after the exes abandoned me. *insert tears falling down my cheeks here*

Anyway, I really had fun spending my Sunday night and Monday morning with Kenny and Koi. I surely would say yes, and meet them again soon.

How about you? Have you met someone from the online world? If so, how was it? Can you share your story?



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