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Decorating Your Space to Your Advantage

After a day at work, school, or wherever you may have been – wouldn’t it be nice to come home to a welcoming space that will immediately lift your mood up?

I have always believed that a representation of how a person’s feeling – good, bad, apathetic, passionate, etc. is reflected in how their space looks like. Myself for example, if I have had a series of bad days, except that my room would be in such a mess. Meaning I wouldn’t actually care to even lift a finger to dust the shelves off. On the contrary, when I’m feeling hopeful, energetic, or full of passion, expect my space to be spot on! But as with the rest of how we deal with our lives, it will always be up to us with how things are going to turn out.

Selecting the Right Pieces

Whenever I need to clear my head, I always make an effort to first tidy up my space (usually followed by rearranging the furniture, bed), and select pieces (a trinket, a wall art, a clock even) that will instantly pop and change my view!

So as I start the year, I partnered with Photowall, a company in Sweden which aims to positively affect people’s feelings one wall (of a room) at a time. For this collaboration, I chose a piece to display in my space that will surely help with how I steer each day of this new year (and new decade) as I see it.

Photowall has a great array of products to achieve that vision through custom wallpapers, prints, and posters. Check out the variety of their products here.

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Beauty of Silence

For this project, I selected a Canvas Print because I wanted to achieve a nice accent wall that will capture my attention each time I look at it. And the design I chose was Beauty of Silence– sounds peaceful? Just about right, we need some type of peace on any day!

This Canvas Print was shipped from Sweden to the Philippines, and it was rather fast! Roughly 5 days, if I’m not mistaken – so that was impressive. 

Upon shipment, I initially thought that the canvas print would be ready for hanging by the day it arrives. Only to find out, it’s a DIY assembly which for me was a project I’d love to finish!

6 Steps to Beauty

The package came in a bit heavy, but after opening it I found that it contained such high-quality materials: Canvas cloth, wooden frame sections, and metal plates, screws. Along with these come the Canvas Print Assembly Instructions which were listed in 6 achievable ways! They also have an Instruction Video link at the user’s disposal.

What I personally love about this whole DIY thing was the challenge it brought – in a good and exciting way. The guide provided visual references and easy to understand words that inexperienced individuals (in the field of craftsmanship) like myself can easily grasp and perform. The assembly also did not include any rigid tasks like sawing, punching a hole, or screwing things up (I mean by use of screwdrivers), etc. All were prepared and we’re just ready for assembly! How easy could this get!

The 6 Steps to Beauty (of Silence) was achieved in roughly 30 minutes. Not bad for a newbie, right?

Paradigm Shift

True to the company’s vision to positively affect people’s feelings – one wall (of a room) at a time, the Canvas Print I ordered and assembled did lift my spirits up in an entirely different way!

My initial thoughts and expectations of having a ready-made canvas print shipped was also a reflection of how I view things – wanting to get things instantly without putting in the work. Thus, it was a surprise and challenge when it also expected me to do the work to see the final product.

I thoroughly enjoyed the process of assembling this piece, as it made me appreciate the output even more for the personal touch I gave it. Being able to start, process, and finish a project is truly rewarding and I’d like to thank Photowall Sweden for reteaching me the lesson that Beauty Takes Time and Hard Work. But it will be worth the sweat!

As the Beauty Of Silence hangs on my wall, I will always be reminded of this lesson that will surely help shift my view in life especially during trying seasons – that at the right time, a beautiful product will come out of it!

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To know more about Photowall, check out their official website here.


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