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Hi! My name is Clint Mamuri, and I'd like to (digitally) welcome you to my website!

I am a blogger and originally based in the south of the Philippines. I am a Pisces, an INFJ-T, and the eldest child. I sing in the shower and I have bad eyesight.

I am currently working as a Technical Support Analyst at a  global provider of mission critical equipment for vital applications in data centers., communication networks, and commercial and industrial environments. I have been working at night since 2014.

Blogging has been a part of my life since high school.


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Domain: clintmamuri.com / Registrar: GoDaddy

My blog covers mostly anything from my travel experiences to my lifestyle stories, from blogging tips to my unexciting and boring personal plot twists. It was in high school where I started writing online. Then moved to my own personal space using Wordpress, and now on Squarespace.

Want to say hi? Feel free to drop me a line anytime at camamuri21@me.com! Alternatively, I am on Twitter @clintmamuri! Can't wait to chat :)

You were given this life because you’re strong enough to live it.